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   With over 10 years combined American Smooth and Rhythm dance experience, owner Melissa Smith brings the best in dance instruction to Northeastern Pennsylvania. Having taught all levels of dance at an international dance franchise, she is now introducing her creative spin to the area’s premier ballroom dance community. Melissa has been awarded at the national level for both competitive dancing and teaching achievements.

     Melissa is a certified, professional dance teacher devoted to helping others fully enjoy the rewarding and special journey that partnership dancing inherently offers. She values the relationships she develops with her students and enjoys sharing knowledge in a manner that is both challenging and achievable. With a focus on training students of any age to be able to communicate using the language of dance, Melissa is skilled at assessing the needs of each student she works with and designing individualized programs.

    Using her vast knowledge and experience, she will help students achieve and progress in a timely manner at affordable prices. Whether your interests involve: preparing for an upcoming wedding or event, fitness goals, learning a new skill, seeking a creative outlet or sharing an activity with your partner, Melissa will utilize an innovative and current curriculum to develop your skills and help you achieve your ballroom dancing goals.