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The Fox Trot

Named after Vaudeville dancer and musical comedian Harry Fox, the most popular social dance of all time was first introduced one hundred years ago. The Fox Trot is a smooth dance that travels around the floor to a combination of slow and quick steps. It has evolved from a trotting dance into a graceful, versatile ballroom dance. Today it is customarily accompanied by big band music and characterized by its smooth style, sway, and slight rise and fall.

The Waltz

The Waltz is considered to be the “Queen of all the dances.” The Waltz was a cherished property of the aristocracy until the first decade of the 20th century when it also became popular among the European middle class. Once introduced to the United States, it quickly became one of the most popular of all American dances. Today the Waltz is characterized by its beautiful lilting style, the use of sway, and dramatic rise and fall. There are two tempos and styles of Waltz danced socially and competitively, the Slow Waltz and the Viennese Waltz. Waltz is unique from all of the other dances because it is written in ¾ time. 

The Tango

It is difficult to trace the exact roots of the Tango, but the ballroom dance seen today can be traced to the brothels of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once considered to be an immoral, flirtatious saloon dance, the Tango has grown into perhaps the most highly stylized of all the ballroom dances. The dance maintains the profound sense of drama and passion of its past. It is characterized by staccato actions, stalking rather than walking, kicks and flicks, and quick head movements.